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Green Hotels in India

West Bengal

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Volunteer Tourism is travel which includes volunteering for a charitable cause.
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It's importance to protecting the natural and cultural environment of the places you visit.
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Our Team

Le Green is a team of hospitality professionals who are passionately committed to address some very serious environmental issues like climate change, global warming, conservation of water, renewable energy, reducing solid wastes and pollution, reforestation and sustainable tourism.

Mr. Mathew Joseph - Director (Marketing / Media/Advertising/Promotion )
Passionate for  travel since very young, Mathew Joseph has a very keen interest on green tourism destinations which are new and refreshing. He believes that these unknown destinations can be developed as model eco tourism villages with due emphasis on conservation of natural resources and employment opportunities to local communities. After graduating from Christ College Bangalore (MBA - Marketing), he had successful stints in sales with some of the leading hotel chains in India before venturing on his own into eco tourism and environmentally friendly hotel development.

 In association with the forest department and NGOs, he coordinates many mass tree planting missions in South India especially in the Nilgiris. Tree saplings are also given to schools, colleges, public and private institutions, corporate and NGOs with conservation guidelines and ideas so that they can implement the same. He conducts seminars and workshops on various environmental subjects like organic farming, water and energy managements. He also gives guest lectures on marketing / eco tourism in many leading colleges in Bangalore and New Delhi.

Having more than 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry, he is an ardent inventor of innovative strategies in marketing, advertising, sales promotion, media and public Relation. Being a frequent traveler, he strongly believes that eco tourism is the future of tourism. According to him, environmentally friendly hotels that protect their environment and support their local communities will flourish. These eco-friendly hotels will make more revenue, will have regular guests’ inflow, will retain a team of dedicated staff and will add high long term value. He takes care of the marketing planning, promotion and advertisement of le green properties and member hotels in the eco club.

 Ms. Anne Helene Despois : Director ( Green consultancy & Conservation Management )
She is one of the live wires of the company. Highly energetic, enthusiastic and passionate about conservation, she has undertaken many successful projects for the development of the local communities in the Nilgiris. She is the managing partner of one of the best boutique home stays in India – La maison-Kotagiri and in that capacity conducts training to local youth to be self employed in various fields.

She helps the local artists to sell their paintings and fetch a decent livelihood for them. . She encourages many artisans of old folk art forms, culture and lifestyles to retain its authenticity by organizing many programs and events for them. Organizing tours to these villages where these art forms are performed, brings in alternative and supplementary source of income to all stake holders.

Anne is an expert on green consultancy with eco tourism projects and also on water and energy conservation systems. Currently she is developing an 8 acre organic garden which has dedicated slots for French/English/Italian/Japanese/Chinese gardens and also for bell and butterfly gardens. She is also a leader in many mass tree planting missions in Nilgiris and in her home country – France. Helene is fond of Organic gardening and ethno botanic.  She is also the correspondent of Botanical Garden Institute of the University of Strasbourg.

Mr. Berry Mike Antonio  ( Director    - Green  Practices & Systems )
As director of green practices and systems , he provides expertise togreen resorts which are into the early stages of getting certified asa green / eco friendly property. He conducts inspection of green properties and give guidelines for consistent improvements on eco-friendly systems and practices. Mr. Mike Antonio holds a degree in hotel management and also a diploma in sustainable tourism and related developments to the community around. He has more than 15 years of experience in eco lodging operations  in India , Middle East and Australia.

Ms. Moushami Chatterjee – Director ( Communications & Special Events )
A frequent traveler, an aspiring writer and a trainer of hospitality students, she has tremendous interest on environmental issues like global warming, climatic change and sustainable travel. Through her engagement in ecotourism, she wants to be a source of change in the world where our collective wealth is used to empower, and not to deprive those in need. Currently she is focusing more on tourism initiatives in the North East of India , Nepal, Bhutan and the Asia Pacific Region.
As part of her work facilitating Le Green’s partnerships with regional, national and international ecotourism associations, she is constantly on projects which will contribute substantially for the well being of communities who are marginalized due to industrialization and development of infrastructure projects. She organizes eco tourism events in corporate circles, public institutions, schools and colleges so that she can inspire many more to become actively involved in ecotourism initiatives. She is a graduate in Hotel management and a diploma holder in Airhostess training.

Ms. Aisang Tampa – Manager ( New Eco destinations )
Being brought up in one of the most beautiful region of the world- the North East of India; for Aisang, all Tourism is about eco tourism or green tourism. She brings to the organization a combination of hospitality, Airline and travel sector experience and a life-long passion for ecotourism. While working on the above sectors, she built key relationships among corporate, public and private tourism stakeholders and gained useful experience on effective tourism strategies and policies. She has also done a research on ecotourism and sustainable development in Assam. She is also a Yoga Instructor.

The above directors are assisted by a set of young professionals with good experience in different aspects of hospitality and leisure industry. They are eager to push Le Greens hotels & Resorts (teaming up of eco-friendly hotels and resorts) to the top with sheer hard work and dedication.


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