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Green Hotels in India

West Bengal

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Volunteer Tourism is travel which includes volunteering for a charitable cause.
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There isn't much point raising money to save the world and nature without having really fantastic...
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Green Travel
It's importance to protecting the natural and cultural environment of the places you visit.
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Organic farming
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About Us

Le Green Hotels & Resorts was founded in the year January 2009 to promote environmentally friendly hotels, resorts and home stays. The reason behind this new venture is that we believe, it is critical for us to preserve the environment for our own survivability, comfort, health and enjoyment and to prolong these conditions for as long as possible. We also have the added responsibility of passing it onto future generations. Since Tourism industry as a whole and hotel industry in particular can give a positive impact to protecting the environment, it is essential that like minded hotels, resorts and home stays come together to achieve the noble purpose of responsible and sustainable tourism.

Le Green, being an association of environmentally friendly hotels , resorts and home stays in India follow green practices in their campuses. Being environmentally and socially responsible, these hotels   minimize the impact on the environment through a wide range of programs  and  practices  like energy management, waste management, water management, employee education and involvement of local community. These eco-friendly friendly hotels have selected not only some green issues that you can easily see and experience during your visit, but also some issues that are less visible, like being active in and responsible to the community (donating to charity, environmental education efforts. or employing locals).

Besides owning and operating many green hotels ourselves, we are in an ongoing process of collecting the best of environmentally friendly hotels in India. Selecting resorts that are truly eco-friendly is a challenge as most of the environmentally friendly hotels too often don't promote their environmental initiatives, making it hard to find them. With the growth of the internet, it is easier for eco- friendly hotels to promote their environmental actions, but for some reason they don't often enough use this great medium of promotion..

Many businesses, including those that are taking green steps, don't include environmental issues, as part of their decision making process. We sincerely hope that as this site grows in content and use, environmentally friendly hotels will become easier to find and select. We also hope that this site would encourage more properties to become green hotels in their own way.

This website is for you and your fellow green travelers who love nature and holiday in hotels, resorts and home stays which is eco-friendly. Make it more useful for yourself and others by spreading the word, updating our information about the eco hotels you encounter, writing reviews, and adding to the database by suggesting a green hotel for inclusion. With your help, this directory is still growing. The more eco-friendly hotels we can include here, the better it is.


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