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Green Hotels in India

West Bengal

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Bamboo for Hotel construction

Le Green is a Green consultant who specializes in high end Bamboo cottages for Resorts and tourism sector . Along with interior design we undertake interior jobs exclusively with Bamboo including modular Bamboo furnitures of high end designs. Designs are being developed by NID(National Institute of Design),GOI.

From their design studio , Le Green works on regular cottages, life style cottages custom homes, remodels, existing homes, providing a full range of interior design services from selecting interior finishes, drawing interior plans, providing furnishings, window coverings, art and accessories; as well as complete interior specification packages and exterior color and material packages.

Most of our clients are all over eastern India and we have now set up our office in Bangalore to Cater to the Southern and western parts of India. New projects are going on in the outskirts on Bangalore, Kabini , Nagarhole and in Kerala. Our services include Bamboo Furniture Retailing and wholesale, Cane Furniture Retailing and wholesale, Bamboo and cane Handicraft retailing and whole sale including Blinds.

Why Cane & Bamboo?

Why should we concern our selves with building with Bamboo in this age when we have so many excellent industrially produced building materials? Steel Glass, Aluminium, Titanium and so on and so forth? Because
• Bamboo is Sustainable!
• Bamboo is an enduring versatile and highly renewable resource -- a prime example of sustainability - with respect to both plant itself and also in its use as a building material as is evident from the following:
• Its impact on environment and ecology is summarized below.
• Soil leaching - No danger for bamboo as it often grows in mixed cultures.
• Harvesting it.
• At every stage of the plants growth there is a use for bamboo
• In most cases the environmentally damaging transport is unnecessary, since bamboo grows almost everywhere.
• Due to its rapid growth, the yield (Weight/Acre/year) is up to 25 times higher than that of timer.
• In the Asian countries, Bamboo definitely emerges as the Future Alternative for Wood.
• If one quarter of plywood needs were to be covered by BMP (Bamboo Mat Boards)- then some 4,00,000 cu meters of logs or 11,000 hectares of forest would be spared each year. Equally important that it would create jobs for some 1,200 poor Indian villagers.
• Bamboo plant produces a lot of Biomass - the highest value in the plant realm. Depending on the type, location and ambient climate the annual growth rate is 15-25 tonnes of harvestable culms i.e. 6-12 tonnes of air-dried biomass.
• Bamboo is a self generating raw material - with production continuing after individual canes have been harvested, as the new shoots appear each year.
• Bamboo crops can also be used as wind protection in farming to stabilize river banks and forested hillsides and several other such uses.
• The Bamboo plant can help to purify the air. It is also one of the top rated plants tested for the removal of benzene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration).
• As Bamboo can tolerate diverse soil and moisture regime, it has the ability to stitch and repair degraded areas, can converse soil and moisture and draught proofing.
• Its foliage shelter topsoil from the onslaught of tropical downpours while leaf litters (up to 10cm in a year) also cushions the soil from the impact of rain and eases the soil s absorption and retention of moisture
• The world market for bamboo is valued at US $ 10 billion of which China s share alone is to the tune of 50%. Market for bamboo expected to reach about US $ 20 billion by 2015. The size of the domestic bamboo industry is estimated to be about Rs.6505 crores, which may grow to Rs.26,000.00 crores by 2015..

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