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Green Hotels in India

West Bengal

Amazing Hotels in India
Visit a group of unique
hotels providing unusual holidays.
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Camps & Tents in India
Explore a group of Adventure camps and Luxury tents provoiding exciting holidays. 
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Green Hotels in Asia
Look in to the best green hotels available in asia.
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Amazing places

When we think of holidays, what usually comes to mind is a luxury resort filled with the latest amenities and located in picturesque locations. Although these seem lovely, there is nothing unique or unusual about them. These kinds of experiences are shared by thousands of people around the world who take similar holidays. Yes, you will have a great time but it's the same experience that everyone else has. You can't really talk about it ten years down the line. If you're lucky you will still remember it. So what do you do to go on a holiday that is truly memorable?

Get away from the regular

In simple words- go rural. Get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday living. The countryside has so much to offer. If you're living in a big city, then the country will be a welcome change for you and your family. Your children may have only seen grasshoppers, birds and plants on Discovery. Let them experience rustic beauty firsthand. They will look back on the experience with sheer excitement and thrill. That's the kind of holiday that you want to look back on.

Be on the lap of Nature

Nature has immense healing powers. If you're in love, sick, heartbroken or just in need for a change of environment, come to nature. It is a natural stress reliever. It will do you good to get away from all the noise and pollution of city life. Whether it's by a brook or beside a mountain, you will find rural holidays exhilarating. Don't miss out on this opportunity. Let nature pamper you with its calmness and serenity. Yield to this temptation today and you will look back happy and contended. our collection of amazing places to Holiday are perfect for romantic getaways, large groups and special occasions of all kinds from family reunions to fairytale weddings. Whether you’re looking for something luxurious and spacious, quaint and authentic or just something a little different, we’re sure to have a great holiday property for you. Wherever you want to go, we have an amazing collection of extraordinary properties for you to rent in India.

The reason you are on this website is that you don’t want to book a package deal for your next holiday – presumably you are looking for something a bit different, where you will be booking each component part separately. Make it more useful for yourself and others by spreading the word, updating our information about unique holiday homes you encounter, writing reviews, and adding to the database by suggesting an unusual holiday home for inclusion. With your help, this directory is still growing. The more amazing holiday homes we can include here, the better it is for all of us. 


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